Girls in Scouting Forms for Chartered Organizations presentation

The official rollout of girls in Cub Scouts for Northern Star Council will take place in August 2018, with the start of fall recruitment.  Please start a conversation now with your Chartered Partner, leaders, and families. As we prepare our recruiting materials, we need to make sure that girls who want to join Cub Scouts are directed to Packs that are including girls.

The first step in the process is to schedule a meeting with your Chartered Partner to discuss how your local pack will serve families.  Please do this in January or early February.

With your Chartered Partner, your pack can decide to either:

·       Become a pack that serves both boys and girls

·       Remain an all-boy pack  (the Chartered Partner can also decide to start an all-girl pack if desired)

To help you with these discussions, please use the enclosed Girls in Cub Scouts form.  Please return this form by February 15th.   Note that we need the head of your Chartered Partner to sign this form.

Select Packs may have the opportunity to welcome girls as early as March 1st, 2018.  Participating “Early Adopter” packs will be able to register girls before fall to provide additional experience and feedback before the fall rollout.  See the included Girls in Cub Scouts Early Adopter Application for details.


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